Итоговая контрольная работа по английский языку 9 класс

An interesting film … on at the nearest cinema. It … Bumer.

The lesson … interesting. We studied a new theme.

I … glad to help you. You may come tomorrow.

I … writing a letter at the moment.

They … playing football from 5 till 7.

My father … a programmer. He … interested in politics.

When did the Great Fire of London take place?

Who are Prince William and Prince Henry’s parents?

A) Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer are,

B) Queen Victoria and Prince Albert are,

C) Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson are,

D) Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips are,

E) Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip are.

Nelson’s Column is situated in … in London.

B) Downing Street,

C) Trafalgar Square,

D) Piccadilly Circus,

E) Harley Street.

The capital of England is … .

C) Washington D.C.

Lake Loch Ness is situated in … .

London is on the … .

Sherwood Forest is famous for the legendary … .

“Ulster” is another name for … .

B) Republic of Ireland,

C) Northern Ireland,

The national emblem of Scotland is the … .

The word “Albion”, the poetic name of Great Britain, means … .

The British currency is … .

E) British dollars.

What is the national emblem of England?

British people celebrate Halloween on the … .

A) 31 st of October,

B) 25 th of December,

C) 5 th of November,

D) 8 th of March,

A red dragon is the symbol of which country?

A) Northern Ireland,

E) Southern Ireland.

How many parts does Great Britain consist of?

… is Great Britain’s oldest University.

C) London University,

D) Leicester University,

E) Birmingham University.

What is the capital of Wales?

The ravens in the Tower of London are taken care of because … .

A) They are very old,

B) They are very rare,

D) The oldest name of the Tower,

The British Parliament consists of … .

A) The house of Lords and the house of Commons,

B) The Senate and the house of Representatives,

C) The Senate and the Mazhilis,

D) The house of Lords and the house of Representatives,

E) The house of Lords and the Mazhilis.

Who is the official head of the state in Great Britain?

C) Liberal Party,

D) The queen or the king,

E) Conservative Party.

What is “Big Ben”?

Which of the following can not be found in London?

A) Trafalgar Square,

C) The Statue of Liberty,

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