Контрольная работа по английскому языку 11 класс 1 полугодие с ответами

1 You will hear six people talking about celebrities in the media. Match the speakers with the statements A-G below. There is one extra statement.

A The speaker believes that viewers have the choice of turning in to celebrity news or not.

B The speaker believes there is nothing wrong with following celebrity gossip.

C The speaker doesn’t really care about celebrity news.

D The speaker doesn’t believe everything he/she hears about celebrities in the media.

F The speaker doesn’t understand why the public is so interested in celebrities.

G The speaker believes that the media shouldn’t talk about private lives of the famous.

H The speaker believes that the media is providing stories that interest the public.

2 Read and match the sentences A-G with the gaps 1-6. There is one extra sentence.

The race is on as to which country will be the first to inhabit the Moon. Apart from the United States, Russia and recently India, now China, Japan and Europe plan on sending astronauts to the Moon in the next 20 years. So, a station on the Moon might soon be possible! 1)_______ The most obvious include the questions of power, water, air and shelter.

At this time scientists feel that the best place to establish a station would be either at the North or South Pole. Here the temperature does not change as much throughout the day as it does near the equator. 2)_____

At present, NASA is in the process of sending a spacecraft to the Moon. Their high-tech computers will be able to analyse the signals sent back to Earth, providing useful knowledge for the researchers. 3)_____ The search is based on the theory that the comets which have been hitting the Moon over the last 2 billion years have left ice in its craters. 4)_____

Once this is done, the water could be separated into hydrogen and oxygen, providing an atmosphere that can support life.

As for the question of material to build shelters, it would be best to get as many resources as possible from the Moon, since the cost of transport is extremely high.5)______ Luckily, the Earth’s satellite is rich in minerals that could be used to build a future station and even for rocket fuel.

Once we inhabit the Moon, who knows? 6)_____

A Just think, 400,000 dollars is needed to send an object that weighs around four kilos to the Moon.

B All the same, we have not found any evidence that the Moon has water.

C Perhaps the human race may be able to live on Mars in the future!

D Yet, we must face the fact that before this can happen we have a few problems to deal with.

E With this information they will be able to finally know if there is water on the Moon.

F Moreover, the poles see much more sunlight, which can be used for solar energy.

G If this is the case, astronauts can use solar energy to melt the ice into water.

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