Контрольная работа по английскому языку 11 класс 4 четверть с ответами

PART I. LISTENING COMPREHENSION (Student’s Book: ex 1 p. 154) (10 points)

I. Listen to the interview with a person with an unusual hobby and decide whether the statements below are true (T), false (F), or there is no information given (NG).

  1. It was his grandmother who encouraged him to catch spiders. ____
  2. He goes hunting once or twice a year. ____
  3. The first spider he caught was very harmful. ____
  4. His grandmother didn’t know that the spider was harmless. ____
  5. His mother didn’t like bugs. ____
  6. His mother supports his hobby now. ____
  7. His favourite pet is a huge tarantula called Moby. ____
  8. He avoided talking about his collection with his girlfriends. ____
  9. He showed his collection of spiders to his future wife. ____
  10. His small son doesn’t like bugs. ____


I.Fill in the gaps in the text with the correct forms of the words in CAPITAL LETTERS at the end of each line.

The dragon dance

The dragon dance was started by the Chinese who had shown great (0) belief and respect towards the dragon. The dragon is an important symbol of Chinese culture and tradition. The dragon dance has spread beyond China to the whole world. It has become a special performance of arts in Chinese physical (1) activities. It (2) … good luck and prosperity in the year to come for all the human beings on Earth. According to ancient history, during the period of Chun Chiu, the learning of Chinese Martial Arts was very popular and in students’ spare time, the dragon dance was also being (3) … . From its origins in combining stylised depictions of natural animals, the Chinese dragon evolved to become a mythical (4)… in Chinese culture. Its physical form is a (5) … of many animals, including the horns of a stag, ears of a bull, eyes of a rabbit, claws of a tiger and the scales of a fish, all on a long serpent’s body. With these traits, it was believed that dragons were amphibious with the (6) … to move on land, fly through the air and swim in the sea. The emperors of ancient China considered (7) …. to be dragons. The dragon is also the emblem of Imperial Authority. It symbolises natural power, goodness, fertility, and dignity.


PART III. READING (8 points)

II.Read the text and choose the best options to fill in the gaps.

Bird-watching is not only a simple and effective stress-reliever, it is also intellectually stimulating. There are so many different kinds of birds that the bird-watcher has the (1) … to have a new experience every time he / she takes time out to go bird-watching.

Some of the most beautiful creatures on the planet can be found close to your home. The graceful (2) … of birds makes bird-watching one of the most rewarding hobbies you can choose. (3) …, bird-watching can be combined with taking exercise and experiencing the beauty of the countryside.

If you are looking for a hobby that the whole family can (4) … in, then bird-watching must surely be on your list. Birds pose no (5) … to children and getting your kids involved can (6) … your next holiday into an experience that builds ever-stronger bonds within your family unit.

If you are concerned about our world and the environment, then bird-watching can be an effective way to (7) … a fascinating hobby with action to preserve our planet. By spending some time learning about the patterns of behavior and the migration of different types of birds, bird-watchers are able to make a (8) … contribution to the body of knowledge that helps wild life organisations protect and preserve the natural environment.

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