Контрольная работа по английскому языку 11 класс Биболетова 3 4 четверть с ответами

Проверочная работа по теме « Great inventions that shook the world»

1 Match a word in A with the correct word in B.

Portable CD player

Mobile PC (personal computer)

Audio and video player

  1. What are these gadgets and machines used for? Use the words in the box with V –ing form

To wake up people to cook food to do calculations to tell the time to cut and collect the grass to type information to wash dishes to make photographs to receive and make calls

  1. A mower is for_______________________________.
  2. A camera is for ______________________________.
  3. A telephone is for ____________________________.
  4. A typewriter is for ___________________________.
  5. A calculator is for ___________________________.
  6. A talking alarm clock is for ____________________.
  7. A dishwasher is for __________________________.
  8. A microwave oven is for _____________________.

Great inventions have been made by Russian scientists and engineers

  1. In 1779, the Russian inventor Ivan Kulibin made a lamp that produced a very bright light. In 1783 the Swiss physicist Argand added the glass chimney to the lamp.
  2. On November 23. 1802, Russian scientist V. Petrov discovered the electric arc. But his discovery remained unknown in the West. In 1811, Humphry Davy, the British scientist, discovered the arc again and called it the voltaic arc.
  3. A young Russian engineer, Alexander Lodygin made the first successful light bulb in 1873. In 1877, Thomas Edison learnt about the lamp, improved and later patented it.
  4. In 1875, Mendeleyev put forward the idea of building a high-altitude balloоn (стратостат). Shortly afterwards, in 1886, Tsiolkovsky designed an all-metal dirigible.
  5. In 1878, Mozhaisky designed the first aeroplane. The aiecraft was tested on August 1, 1882. It was only in 1903 that two Americans Orville and Wilbur Wright built an aeroplane like Mozhaisky’s .
  6. In 1814, George Stephenson invented the steam locomotive. In 1829, in Russia the Cherepanovs, father and son, invented and built a steam locomotive better than George Stephenson’s.

In 1869 the great Russian scientist Dmitri Mendeleev announced the discovery of the Periodic Law of elements. So science received the key to the secrets of matter. All the greatest discoveries which have been made since then in the fields of chemistry and physics have been based on this law. The elements in Mendeleev’s Periodic Table follow one another in the order of their atomic weights. They are arranged in periods and groups. Mendeleev s discovery made it possible for the scientists to find 38 new chemical elements to fill the empty spaces left in the Periodic Table. At the same time they tried to find elements heavier than the last element in the Periodic Table. In 1955 the American scientist Dr. Glenn Seabord obtained element No 101 and named it Mendelevium in honour of the creator of the Periodic Law.

Thomas Edison was a great American inventor. He patented over 1000 inventions.

What are some of his inventions and improvements? How did it happen?

  1. First Thomas Edison invented a phonograph in 1877. Later Emilie Berliner improved that machine and patented it as a gramophone.
  2. Charles Grow invented a talking machine which had a wax turn-table. Later in August of 1877 T. Edison improved it by replacing a wax turn-table by a tin-foil one.
  3. Edison ordered to build an apparatus which he began experimenting with on August 12, 1877.
  4. The telegraph was invented by Samuel F. B. Morse in 1837. Thomas Edison invented and produced many new items and improvements of the telegraph.
  5. Thomas Edison and his assistants made a lot of inventions and improvements. Later in 1877 he organized an ‘invention factory’.
  6. Alexander Bell invented the telephone in 1876. One of Edison’s first inventions was an improvement on Alexander Bell’s telephone.
  7. Over a year 1600 materials were tested by Thomas Edison when he was developing a light bulb.
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