Контрольная работа по английскому языку 9 класс 1 четверть с ответами

A:Do you have anything to declare,mam?

B:Just some wine and cigarettes.

A:How much wine do you have?

A:I’m afraid you’re only allowed two bottles.You’ll have to pay duty on the rest.

A:What shall we buy?

B:We want some beef and a chicken.You know I can’t do without meat.

A:I’m fond of dairy products.

B:Look! The chicken is splendid and the beef is of superior quality. What’s next on the shopping list?

A: I think juice. Let’s buy apple juice.

A:Good afternoon. I’d like to check in.

B: Do you have a reservation with us?

A:Yes, I do. I made a reservation by phone last night.

A:Mag Brown from San Francisco.

A:What do you think of the play?

B:The action develops slowly. Some scenes are dull. The cast is not very good. Do you share my opinion?

A:Frankly speaking I do. That happens to be a rather poor performance. Have you been here before?

B:Haven’t had a chance, you know. I am here for the first time. I like the hall. It is beautifully decorated. The chairs are comfortable and the chandelier is wonderful.

I hate Valentine’s Day.I always end up stressing about whether I’ll get a card, and sometimes I only get one from my mum or my aunt from Australia! I think Valentine’s Day can be depressing when you don’t get a card, especially if you were expecting one. Valentine’s Day makes you feel lonely if you don’t get a card.

I love Valentine’s Day. The best part is the excitement of sending a card to someone, even if you don’t receive one yourself. And there are always the fun discos , etc to enjoy. I see Valentine’s Day just as any other day. If I have a valentine, that’s cool, if I don’t then I don’t stress about it!

It’s all commercial and it’s just an excuse for shops to make loads of money! If you love someone , show it all year round , not on one day! It had some sense when valentines were hand-made, and young people spent hours composing their own poems. But when the modern postal system was set up the whole industry was found. Ready-made cards were mass-produced, just as they were for Christmas and birthdays.

These days things are very difficult. Men have sleepless nights, take days-off work, get high blood pressure because there’s that horrible thought nagging at the back of their minds saying ‘Remember Valentine’s Day, remember Valentine’s Day.’ They have to spend many hours lying there and thinking of something that would make a difference. They know they’ve got to do something special, but what?

I think it is wonderful to celebrate love. And it’s exciting when you get a card and you don’t know who it’s from! Valentine’s Day is all very well but I hate it when you have to go to school on the 14 th of February, because if you get a card, people make fun of you but if you don’t they make fun of you even more!

Corbin Bleu was a model by the time he was four years old, a Broadway actor at six , on TV at seven , a film star at fourteen , and now he is part of the biggest musical ever made- High School Musical.

Corbin Bleu was born in New York on February 21, 1989. ‘New York is my favourite place in the whole world because it’s where I was born,’he says. ‘I go back all the time and I love it. New York is so incredible. The people are amazing and the city itself is so alive.’

When Corbin was about six his family moved to Los Angeles. Corbin Bleu has three younger sisters . He says that they are crazy, yet funny and often make him laugh.

Bleu graduated from the Los Angeles High School for the Arts. When he was a first –year student, Corbin was cast in the lead role in the feature film Catch That Kid.

In the film Jump In Corbin stars along with his father David. ‘It was so great ,’he remembers. “We’re not just father and son , we’re friends!’

Last year , Corbin released his first solo album. ‘It was so incredible to be able to get the opportunity to make my own first album. I never expected to do that although I’ve been singing all my life.’

Corbin’s favourite actor is Johnny Depp: ‘I love his films. When he plays a character he makes such a transformation you totally believe him in the part and forget it’s Johnny Depp,’ he says.

His favourite singers are Michael Jackson , Prince and Lenny Kravitz:’They are definitely my musical heroes,’he says.

Bleu’s favourite book is The Great Gatsby by Francis Scott Fitsgerald:’ I read it in my high school. I didn’t want to read it at first but when I got into it I was so excited. Gatsby is such a cool guy!’ he remembers.

Corbin’s favourite colours are gold and black.

His favourite sound is the ocean at night.

Corbin hates getting up early in the morning. ‘The first thing I do every morning is: hit the alarm clock and go back to sleep!’

If Corbin doesn’t want to be recognized when he goes out he usually ties his hair up or puts on a hat.

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