Контрольная работа по английскому языку 9 класс 1 полугодие с ответами

Task 1. Выберите правильный ответ.

1. Where can you see the largest Christmas tree in New York?

a) the Empire State Building b)Central Park c) the Rockefeller Center

2. … were destroyed by terrorists.

a)The World Trade Center b)The Twin Towers c)the Statue of Liberty

3. Those who are interested in theater will be able to enjoy different shows on …

a)Broadway b)the Pen American buildings c)the Chrysler

4. In front of one building in New York you can read … words about human values.

a) George Washington b) John D. Rockefeller II c) Abraham Lincoln

5. … run east to west across the island.

a) Streets b)Subway stations c)Avenues

Task 2. Выберите нужный артикль, если нужно:

1. Thomas Benks is … last person I want to see.

2. You need to buy … tour and it will take you all over the city.

3. The sweater was cheap. It costs only … few pounds.

4. We are busy today, we have … little time for Central Park.

5. … President is going to open new hospitals in the capital of the country.

Task 3. Выберите подходящий синоним словам :

1. This building is very tall.

a) home b)construction c)house

2. The girl’s room was tidy .

a) clean b) dirty c) neat

3. Fast food products are not healthy for young people .

a) harmful b)bad c)delicious

4. The dishes in the deli are special.

a) common b) various c)particular

5. Young writer R. Kipling was often sick in his childhood.

a)always b)sometimes c)usually

Task 4. Подберите подходящие суффиксы к словам:

a)-dom b)-ship c)-ness

a)-hood b)-ment c)-ship

a)-ship b)-ness c)-hood

a)-less b)-dom c)-ness

a)-hood b)-ness c)-ment

Total score: 20 points

18-20 баллов –“5”, 15-17 балов – “4”, 12-14 баллов –“ 3”. Менее 12 баллов –“2”.

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