Контрольная работа по английскому языку 9 класс 2 четверть с ответами

Task 1. Выберите правильный ответ.

1. New York is on … .

a) The Thames b) The Mississippi c) The Hudson

2. The big Apple’s megastar is … .

a) Broadway b) the Empire State Building c) the Rockefeller Center

3. One of the most famous symbols of America is … .

a) the Statue of Liberty b) Manhattan c) the World Trade Center

4. The heart of New York is … .

a) Brooklyn b) Manhattan c) Staten Island

5. … in New York run north to south down the island .

a) Streets b) Squares c) Avenues

Task 2. Выберите нужный артикль, если нужно:

1. Chicago is __name of the musical.

2. It’s one of __ most popular dishes in Russia.

3. It’s __ main meal of the day.

4. This dish originates from __ China.

5. __ big cup of tea means: “Have your tea and go away”.

Task 3. Выберите подходящий синоним словам :

1. It’s a really delicious round bread.

a) exciting b) tasty c) good

2. There is a lot of places of interest in New York.

a) sights b) streets c) parks

3. MacDonald’s is well-known its quick service.

a) liked for b) famous for c) fond of

4. My American friend is arriving to Russia now.

a) visiting b) coming c) doing

5. Broadway is the home of the most famous American musicals.

a) plays b) songs c) shows

Task 4. Подберите подходящие суффиксы к словам:

a) –dom b) -hood c) -ness

a) -dom b)- hood c) -ness

a) –ful b) –ness c) -ment

a) –fu l b) -ness c) -ship

a) –ness b) –hood c) –dom

Total score: 20 points

18-20 баллов –“5”, 15-17 балов – “4”, 12-14 баллов – “3”. Менее 12 баллов –“2”.

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