Проверочная работа по английскому языку 11 класс Биболетова 3 четверть

1 You will hear Donna Lowdon talking about her childhood. For questions 1-6, complete the sentences.

Donna has 1)____________ elder sisters. On a school day, Donna had to be ready to leave at 2)__________. Surprisingly children didn’t really 3)___________ with each other in Donna’s family. The children became very noisy during 4) _________. Now, Donna and her siblings usually meet at 5)_________ and 6)_________.

2 You are going to read a magazine article in which four people talk about their neighbours. For questions 1-5, choose from the people A-D. A person may be chosen more than once.

They say “good fences make good neighbours”, but this doesn’t apply in Mrs. Beasley’s case. Edwina Beasley has managed to find a way of sticking her busybody nose into my business, though I barely speak a word to her when she starts asking me personal things. She’s even taken it upon herself to find me a wife! Imagine my shock, when she knocked on my door last Sunday, in the company of a woman I’d never seen before and told me: “This is Mary Allen, dear, I’m sure you two have a lot in common, so I’ll let you get to know each other.” And then she left, almost certain that Mary Allen and I will name our first child after her!

The truth is I grew up to believe that our neighbours were also our friends, all of us sharing our joys and sorrows as they presented themselves in our small but closely-knit community. Unfortunately, this was not the case in the big city I moved to. I realized that trying to be friends with your neighbours and be there for them in times of need was not always welcome when my next-door neighbor told me to mind my own business and stop trying to control other people’s lives. All I had done was knock on her door to see if she was alright on a night I’d heard her crying out loudly!

Don’t get me wrong, I love animals. Be it feathered, furry, two-legged or crawling, I simply adore all creatures. Except one: Mr. Watson’s poodle, Lulu. Though Mr. Watson is a great neighbor, Lulu gets on my nerves so much that I’m seriously thinking of kidnapping her and secretly replacing her with a more tolerable look-alike. Not only does Lulu steal my newspaper every morning, she is also very selective with my friends. Whenever I have friends over that she doesn’t like, she will stand outside my door barking or howling for hours if Mr. Watson isn’t home to come and pick her up. I know you’re supposed to “love thy neighbor”, but do you have to love his dog too?

I know you can’t really choose your neighbours, but I thought that I had chosen the right ones when I decided to move to a nice, peaceful street where mostly elderly people resided. What I hadn’t thought of was that these wonderful, friendly people, who mostly kept to themselves, had children and noisy grandchildren who visited on Sunday morning. Worst of all what I didn’t know was the same, seemingly quiet senior citizens would be having band practice every Saturday morning in the house right next to mine. I’m really having second thoughts about this neighbourhood!

1) was misunderstood by a neighbor?

2) seems more likely to move somewhere else?

3) has a problem which is not directly related to their neighbour?

1 Underline the correct item.

1) Mrs. Jacobs is always involving/interfering in things that don’t concern her.

2) When Mary makes a promise, she never breaks it.

3) My younger brother is very little and depends/relies completely on our parents.

4) Stop putting the fault/blame on others.

5) Steward is always showing/telling off and saying how good he is at everything.

2 Underline the correct verb form

1) The film starts/will start at 6 pm. Don’t be late.

2) Helen was/had been tired because was jogging/had been jogging for two hours

3) I’m sure Harry is going to forgive/will forgive you when he hears your side of the story.

4) William heard/had heard the news already when I called/had called him.

5) I look/am looking for a new job because it looks/is looking as if I’m going to lose my present one.

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