Проверочная работа по английскому языку 11 класс spotlight

1.Translate from English into Russian.

2.Use out- 2 , into, of, up to complete the sentences.

1.They had a falling … and parted for ever. 2. Could you, please, pick … your bag from the floor? 3.At first I was afraid to dive from the high board … the pool. 4.The girl’s face reminds me … somebody I used to know in my youth. 5. In the shop she picked … a red dress.

3.Write in words.

4.Choose the appropriate words.

1.We (hire/rent) a house, it’s not ours. 2.The ship hit the rock and (sunk/drowned). 3.We decided to (hire/rent) a boat and have a day trip to the island. 4.They (hired/rented) a lawyer for the process. 5. Albert Einstein is a great (scientist/scholar).

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