Проверочная работа по английскому языку 9 класс Биболетова 1 четверть

Задание №1. Вставьте пропущенные слова: conservative, lovely, velvet, sign, reunion,

The mother thought her daughter would look (1) __ in the velvet dress. The

policeman gave the driver a (2) __ to stop the car. Old people are usually more

(3) __ than young people. Are you planning to have a family (4) __ at Christmas?

People who are unable to walk use a (5) __.

Задание №2. Вставьте правильный фразовый глагол.

  1. The bus driver will tell you where to … .
  1. get along with b) got on c) get off
  1. He is a new student, but he … fine at school.
  1. gets on b) gets together c) gets off
  1. She is a nice person to talk with and she never … my secrets.
  1. gets up b) gives in c) gives away
  1. She … her sickness quite soon.
  1. got up b) got through c) got over
  1. A reunion is a meeting of people who want to … after a separation.
  1. get together b) get over c) get back

Задание №3. Подбери слова к дефинициям.

  1. get on a) finding or learning something
  2. contrary (adj) b) to offer (food, information, help, etc)
  3. relax (v) c) to have comfortable or friendly relations
  4. discovery (n) d) the opposite (opinion idea, advice, etc)
  5. provide (v) e) to calm down or to rest

Задание №4. Закончите разделительные вопросы.

  1. We can settle this conflict, _________?
  2. They admitted their mistake, _________?
  3. The girl put on her black velvet dress, ______?
  4. She is still trying to get over her cold, _______?
  5. You appreciate your friend’s help, __________?

18 баллов – 20 баллов – «5»

15 баллов – 17 баллов – «4»

12 баллов – 14 баллов – «3»

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