Входная контрольная работа по английскому языку 11 класс spotlight

1. The capital of Australia is … .

a) Melbourne, b) Sidney, c) Canberra, d) Ottawa.

a) a bird, b) a dish, c) an accent, d) a town.

3. Aberdeen is in … .

a) England, b) Scotland, c) Wales, d) Ireland.

4. The safest topic for conversation in England is … .

a) politics, b) music, c) weather, d) love.

5. John Steinbeck is a famous … writer.

a) English, b) American, c) Canadian, d) Australian.

1. The US consists of … states.

a) 38, b) 49, c) 50, d) 51.

2.High school is … .

a) a college, b) a university, c) a very good school, d) upper grades of secondary school.

3. The English colonization of the American continent began in the …,.

a) 15th century, b) 16th century, c) 17th century, d) 18th century.

4. Bill Clinton is the … President of the US. a) 40th, b) 41st, c) 42nd, d) 43d.

5. «Alice in Wonderland» was written by … .

a) Jane Austen, b) Muriel Spark, c) Lewis Carroll, d) Iris Murdock.

1. England consists of … .

a) districts, b) counties, c) states, d) regions.

a) a man’s suit, b) a heavy rain, c) a thick fog, d) a man’s hat.

3. Porridge is made of… .

a) wheat, b) barley, c) rye, d) oats.

4. Who wrote «Winnie-the-Pooh»?

a) A. Milne, b) E. Lear, c) L. Carroll, d) J. Barrie.

5. A limerick is ….

a) a dish, b) a. rhyme, c) a bird, d) a game.

a) Florida, b) Mexico, c) Texas, d) Massachusetts.

2. Gulf Stream originates in … .

a) the Gulf of Mexico, b) the Persian Gulf, c) the Gibraltar, d) the Panama Canal.

3. The Tower of London now is … .

a) a prison, b) a royal residence, c) a museum, d) a burial place.

4. Englishmen eat dinner at….

a) 11 a.m., b) 2 p.m., с) б p.m„ d) 9 p.m.

a) breakfast, b) late breakfast, c) dinner, d) a tea party.

1. St. Valentine’s Day is observed in … .

a) February, b) May, c) November, d) December.

2. In England «public school» means ….

a) state-financed school, b) private school, c) comprehensive school, d) religious school.

3. When it is 12 o’clock in Moscow in London it is … .

a) 6 o’clock, b) 7 o’clock, c) 8 o’clock, d) 9 o’clock.

4. In Britain people’s weight is measured in … .

a) tons, b) kilos, c) stones and pounds, d) pints.

5. Santa Barbara is in … .

a) California, b) Florida, c) Arizona, d) Texas.

  1. с, 2- с, 3-b, 4- с, 5- b.

1 — с, 2— d, 3— с, 4— с, 5— с.

1- b, 2- с, 3- d, 4- b, 5- b.

  1. d, 2-a, 3- с, 4-c,5-b.

1 — a, 2 — b. 3 — d. 4 — c. 5 — a.

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