Контрольная работа по английскому языку 9 класс 3 четверть с ответами

1. Прочитайте диалог. В каждом из случаев 1 — 6 выберите правильное завершение предложения.

Sandra: Hi, Tom! Are you moving?

Tom: Hi, Sandra. Yes, we are moving this Saturday.

Sandra: It’s a pity you won’t be our neighbours any longer. We’ve got used to you.

Tom: I feel sad about it too. But we often have to move because of my father’s job. My mum hates it but nothing can be done — they pay good money and dad doesn’t want to change the job.

Sandra: And you’ll have to go to a new school again…

Tom: Right. It’s not a very pleasant experience, but I’ll manage. I mix with people easily.

Sandra: Yes, you do.

Tom: What I really worry about is sports. Here I played for the best baseball team of the city. The team in my new school is much weaker. It’s going to be disappointing to play for them.

Sandra: But there are probably other things there that can compensate for it.

Tom: Mum says the school is very good. They use the newest teaching technologies and the students are really bright. Most of them go straight to university after they finish school.

Sandra: That’s awesome! You’re planning to go to university too, aren’t you?

Tom: Well, I’m not sure yet. My parents want me to go. But I feel I’m not ready yet as I simply don’t know what I want to become in the future. I’m thinking about getting a job after school, preferably a job with travel opportunities. I want to see the world, gain some life experience and only then decide what I want to become. The university choice will become easier too.

Sandra: Right. I see your point. And how about Robby? Moving is stressful for animals. You can leave him with us if you want, at least for a while…

Tom: Oh, no! Don’t worry about Robby. He’ll be ok. He’ll suffer more if he’s left without his family. And… like most ones he hates cats…

Tom: Yes, I’m sorry, Sandra, but I must be off now. I’ve promised my mum to do some shopping for her.

Sandra: Does she want some souvenirs? Something that would remind you of our town?

Tom: No, she actually wants apples, plums and oranges for the salad. My parents are having guests for dinner tonight.

Sandra: I see. Look, if you need some help with packing your books and school papers…

Tom: Thank you, Sandra, but don’t worry. I’ve packed almost everything already. But it would be great if you joined us for tomorrow’s pizza party in the new pizzeria. We are celebrating our success in the baseball game. It’s the last one for me with this team…

Sandra: But it’s not the last game or the last victory in your life. Cheer up…

1) Tom’s family is moving house because ______

a) Tom’s mother wants to move. b) Tom wants to change his school.

c) Tom’s father has to work at another place.

2) In comparison with Tom’s current school, the new school provides worse ______

a) education opportunities. b) sports opportunities. c) entertainment opportunities.

a) has already chosen his future career. b) wants to put off a decision.

c) will follow his parents’ advice on career choice.

4) Robby is the name of ______

a) Tom’s brother. b) Tom’s cat. c) Tom’s dog.

5) At the moment Tom is going to the shop to buy some ______

a) pet food. b) fresh fruit. c) souvenirs.

6) Tomorrow Tom is going to ______

a) have a party. b) pack things. c) play baseball.

2. Подберите к каждому из пропусков подходящий фразовые глагол из рамки. Один глагол в рамке лишний.

1) Please, _____ this form!

2) I can’t _____ this dress.

3) I want to watch the next episode to _____ what’s going to happen.

4) Woman officers _____ 13% of the police force.

5) Every morning my parents _____ the newspapers.

6) You should _____ your position very carefully.

3. Выберите из скобок правильную часть предложения.

1) He ( has been sent / had been sent / has sent ) to Rome by his boss.

2) This telephone company is the country’s largest ( employee / employer / employment ).

3) I didn’t notice ( something / anything / nothing ) unusual.

4) Neither my brother ( or / and / nor ) my sister works in IT.

5) ( Drake / Drake’s / Drake’ ) mother is a receptionist.

6) Yesterday by the evening all preparations for the trip ( had been finished / has been finished / had finished ).

7) Last week they told us that we ( have lost / had lost / lost ) all chances.

8) I am warned by my mum not ( being / to be / been ) a security guard.

4. Соотнесите реплики в диалогах.

1) What kinds of books do you like?

a) Even so, you always can find something else.

2) So many professions… I can’t choose.

b) I adore non-fiction.

3) Are they expected to enter Oxford?

c) Yes, let’s buy two tickets!

4) In addition, I can lose my job!

d) Keep trying and look on the bright side!

5) What is it being reported?

e) Perhaps, they are from the royal family.

6) Are they performing «Three sisters»?

f) I don’t know. I’ve turned off the radio.

5. Ответьте на письмо Джима. Напишите 5 — 6 предложений.

… I’m having a very busy time now as I have to get ready for my exams. As far as I know all students in Russia have to take school exams too…

When are you going to have your exams? What exams have you chosen and why? What are your plans for the summer holidays?

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