Контрольная работа по английскому языку 9 класс 4 четверть с ответами

Task 1. Выберите правильный ответ.

1. New York consists of five …

a) islands b) boroughs c)regions

2. There are a lot of … in Manhattan.

a) tourists b) theatres c) attractions

3. Another name for New York is …

a) Big Apple b) Broadway c) the World Trade Center

4. New York’s most famous Guggenheim Museum was designed by …

a) Solomon R. Guggenheim b) Frank Lloyd Wright c) John D. Rockefeller II

5. The fastest way to see New York is by …

a) planes b) kites c) helicopters

Task 2. Выберите нужный артикль, если нужно:

1. I’d like to have … hamburger for breakfast.

2. Can you play … piano?

3. We often go to … theatre.

4. To tell … truth, the Twin Towers were very high in New York.

5. He knows … history of the French Revolution well.

Task 3. Выберите подходящий синоним словам :

1. Life in New York is very busy, so many Americans prefer to take the subway .

a) train b) metro c) lorry

2. She was a very polite woman.

a)outstanding b) friendly c)nice

3. There are a lot of nice and not expensive restaurants in the city.

a) cafes b) shops c)departments

4. Famous person who comes to New York always visits this popular place.

a) interesting b)noisy c)crowded

5. You will not get a bad meal here.

a)food b)sandwiches c) sea products

Task 4. Подберите подходящие суффиксы к словам:

a)-less b)-ment c)-dom

a)-hood b)-ment c)-tion

a)-ness b)-hood c)-ship

a)-ness b)-ship c)-hood

a)-hood b)-dom c)-ness

Total score: 20 points

18-20 баллов –“5”, 15-17 балов – “4”, 12-14 баллов –“ 3”. Менее 12 баллов –“2”.

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