Годовая контрольная работа по английский языку 7 класс

Which American state was the last to acquire “state” status?

The Mississippi River is the … water way in the United States.

What is the capital of Georgia?

Washington, D.C. is a … .

Which ocean separates Europe from the States?

A) The Indian Ocean,

B) The Atlantic Ocean,

C) The Pacific Ocean,

D) The Northern Ocean,

E) The Arctic Ocean.

“An American Tragedy” was written by …

A) Robert Stevenson,

D) Theodore Dreiser,

Who discovered America?

A) America Vespucci,

C) Christopher Columbus,

D) George Washington,

E) David Livingstone.

How many states are there in America?

What is the national symbol of America?

D) The bald eagle,

The Statue of Liberty was a gift from….

Which beautiful waterfall is situated in the USA?

Which is the biggest state of the USA?

Where does the President of the USA live and work?

A) In the White House,

C) In the Pentagon,

D) In the Supreme Court,

E) In the Empire State Building.

What is Disneyland?

A) Name of the Square,

C) Children’s Park of Wonder,

D) Name of the town,

E) Industrial town.

Who is the main figure in the emblem of the USA?

The colours of American flag are …

A) Red, white, dark-blue,

B) Red, brown, green,

C) Red, white, blue,

E) White and blue.

When did the United States win its independence?

Bald Eagle, which is the national symbol of US, is a bird of …

B) Strength and courage,

C) Generosity and boldness,

D) Dominance and power,

E) Victory and independence.

Who is the sculptor of the Statue of Liberty?

What are the last two states to join the United States?

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